shop temporarily closed

Yes, you read correctly (soz).

For a short period of time, our online sales are closed as we're busy growing a little human! The newest member of the green+co family is due in February so while we're learning how to put on nappies, swaddle properly and deal with no sleep (along with looking after all our plants + our doggo + ourselves), the shop will be on a short hiatus. 

Hire enquiries are of course still welcome over this time so if you want to chat to us about an event, please head over to the contact page and send us an email (we'll probably be appreciative of the distraction, lol). 

Thanks for your understanding. 
Hannah & the green+co team

P.S. We'll still be posting plant spam (and maybe some baby spam) on our Insta account so be sure to follow us if you're not already.