Events - weddings, parties, anything (wait, wasn't that a band from the 80's?). No matter what your event green+co can have your space looking better than a Royal wedding in no time - take that Harry and Meghan! Plants provide a beautiful alternative to traditional flowers and short-term plant hire can often be more cost effective. Not only that, but potted plants are the most eco-friendly option when it comes to styling - unlike flowers or cut foliage, plants never get thrown in the garbage after an event as they're used over and over again.

Pop-up events, trade shows, balls, you name it, we can cover it. Plus, we can liaise directly with you or your event staff on the most suitable plants for your venue - because we know you're not all green thumbs.

Styling - green+co offer plant hire for photo shoots and property sales as well as general styling for those wanting to add a little something extra to their home. We know not everyone can make their humble abode look like something out of a magazine (ain't nobody got time for dat) so our experienced team can visit your property, determine the right look, feel and style, and ensure you chose the right plants for the right places so you don't end up with a sad, dreary looking shrub after a few weeks. 

Business - plants in the workspace are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also increase productivity and staff morale. Research has proven that plants help purify the air (according to Nasa) which assists us in being more effective and efficient with our work, and when combined with the styling of a space, can create feelings of positivity and calmness.

We offer short and long term hire solutions for businesses of any kind - offices, retail stores, cafes - and provide full care and maintenance services for the duration of the hire. Our dedicated green thumbs will regularly visit your location to water and prune your plants (and sometimes even talk to them...) in order to keep them in tip top shape all year round. 

For pricing and availability, please refer to the hire catalogue above or drop us a line and let's catch up for coffee (we love coffee almost as much as we love plants).