delivery & returns



Delivery days are every Saturday from approximately 9am to 4pm. Same-day delivery can be arranged for purchases made before 11am for an additional fee (please contact us via email to request a same-day delivery). 

green+co currently delivers to Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan, Moreton Bay + Byron Bay areas.  

If you live outside of these locations and desperately want more green in your life, please head to the contact page and shoot us an email.

If you or your gift recipient won't be home at the time of delivery, we can leave your order in a safe place at the address provided. If you are sending to a building that has a security door/access (e.g. apartment block), please be aware that if the recipient isn't home, we are not able to leave plants at the main entry (in case of theft). The recipient will be advised of the delivery and provided with details to arrange a re-deliver.


All care is taken to ensure you are provided with the best plant in the best pot but we understand that sometimes things can go astray... 

If your little pot of purity doesn't seem to be doing so well, head over to the contact page and send us an email letting us know the problem (images will help too). In most cases, some further guidance on what to do with your plant can bring it back to life however, if worst comes to worst and there's a monumental problem with it that hasn't been caused by incorrect care, we can replace the little guy (terms and conditions apply). 

Do note that we ask you to follow all of the care instructions to ensure your plant grows at it's very best. Sometimes issues such as brown or yellowing of leaves, bugs, etc. will affect a plant and these things are often out of our control so we will only replace plants if we can determine the issue is something that can't be fixed (don't forget, dropping leaves can be natural/seasonal in many plants so a few strewn across the tiles doesn't mean the guy is completely done for!).