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Struggled to find an alternative to flowers for a friends birthday?

New baby entered the world and every gift you find is covered in ducks?

Mother's Day crept up on you and you TOTALLY forgot to organise something (come on, we've all been there)?

Enter green+co.

When a desperate search to find a memorable gift for a friend's new baby turned up nothing but pink and blue plush toys (and the aforementioned ducks), we decided Brisbane needed a deliverable gift option that was an alternative to flowers and would last longer than a size 000 onesie. Add to that the notion that we all just need more plants in our lives (did you know they purify the air and increase productivity?), and green+co was born.

green+co offers beautiful, striking potted plants that require you to do nothing but reap the rewards of giving a gift that will last a lifetime (and yes, we provide instructions so they will).